Monday, May 20, 2024

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“It’s sold out” ‘Odid’ hit the jackpot in Russia


Fragrance brand Odid entered the Russian home shopping market in April.


Odid, distributed by Asia B&C, sold the first batch of hair and body care products to Shopping Live, a Russian home shopping channel. They introduced △ Perfume Shampoo △ No-Wash Ampoule Treatment △ Hair Oil △ Body Wash △ Body Lotion containing Odid’s signature scent.


In this broadcast, all Florist Garden line products were sold out. Orders from Russian consumers surged, exceeding target sales.


Odid continued its popularity by adding an hour of emergency live shows on the same day. Odidd's second live show will be held in July and various products will be introduced.


Lee Yeon-woo, overseas sales manager at Odid, said, “The K-beauty craze is strong in Russia as well. Thanks to Odid’s brand sensibility and product power, sales are increasing rapidly. “We plan to repay consumers’ support by expanding the quantity of each item in the follow-up live show.”


Russia Shopping Live is an affiliate of Home Shopping Europe, a German home shopping company. It handles over 5,000 items, including products from famous European brands.