Monday, May 20, 2024

Corporate News

L’Oréal Korea, CEO talk special lecture at Korea University


L'Oréal Korea (CEO Samuel du Retail) held a special lecture on 'Global CEO Talk' for students at Korea University's College of Business on the 3rd.


This special lecture is an MBA lecture at the Business School hosted by Korea University Graduate School of Business. Representatives of domestic and foreign companies will appear as speakers on the 1st and share their know-how for success. We communicate with students by disclosing corporate management philosophy and organizational management secrets.


Samuel Du Retail, CEO of L'Oréal Korea, introduced the L'Oréal Group's beauty tech leadership in a special lecture. L’Oréal Korea’s social contribution activities were also explained. He said that the company is moving forward from a cosmetics company to becoming a beauty tech company that embraces various types of beauty.


He said, “L’Oréal recognizes the limits of our planet. This is the stage of transition to a sustainable business model. “Our goal is to develop a business that can coexist socially and environmentally with humanity and the Earth,” he said.


Next, a L’Oréal Korea official conducted a panel talk. The motivation for joining L'Oréal Korea, the company's core values, working environment, and organizational culture were explained.


L'Oréal Korea operated a recruitment counseling booth in the Korea University Business Building. We discussed employment preparation processes with current students with various majors.


Samuel du Retail, CEO, has been an expert in the financial management and e-commerce fields of the L'Oréal Group for about 26 years since 1996. He served as CFO of L'Oréal China in 2006 and CFO of L'Oréal Western Europe in 2012. In 2013, he served as Global CFO of L'Oréal's Consumer Cosmetics division. In 2017, he served as the head of L'Oréal China Consumer Cosmetics Division. He led the growth of L'Oréal Paris, Maybelline New York, and 3CE in China. He took office as CEO of L'Oréal Korea in 2022.