Monday, May 20, 2024

Corporate News

Activon confirms the innovation of 'Activonol Green-Hinocare', a natural preservation alternative


Activon Co., Ltd. (CEO Yoon-gi Cho), a company specializing in the development and production of cosmetic raw materials and materials, attracted attention in the global market with 'Activonol Green-Hinocare', a natural preservation alternative.


ActiveOn Co., Ltd. opened a booth and participated in the 'In-Cosmetics Global 2024' held in Paris, France for three days from the 16th to the 18th of last month, and secured a bridgehead for pioneering the global market by showcasing various products developed so far. did.


In-Cosmetics Global is the largest and highest-level global cosmetics raw materials and materials exhibition, leading the innovation and development of cosmetics raw materials and materials around the world.


This year, about 900 companies participated, including skin care and personal care raw material manufacturers and suppliers, related service companies, and consulting companies. In particular, trends such as △ conversion to natural raw materials △ focus on efficacy that can be supported by data and certification △ increased interest in well-being were clearly evident throughout the exhibition.


Activon Co., Ltd. is a new raw material △ Activonol Green-Hinocare △ Natural preserved alternative raw materials including 100% bio-derived Activonol-5N·Activonol-6N RSPO MB·Activonol-BG (UK) Natural △ Activega produced through microbial fermentation process -We focused on introducing major products such as CBiome (BG) and Activonol-LevaNA (BG).


In order to actively respond to the trend in the cosmetics market where the need for natural ingredients is increasing, Activon Co., Ltd. developed 'Activonol Green-Hinocare', a natural preservative substitute containing 'Hinokitiol' extracted from the cypress tree, and validated it this year. The most noteworthy raw materials were selected and presented in the Innovation Zone.


Activonol Green-Hinocare was developed as a natural alternative raw material for the preservation effect of cosmetics through the upcycling process of Thujopsis dolabrata wood chips, which are discarded during the construction and furniture manufacturing process, and was evaluated as an active commitment to ESG, including participation in resource circulation.


In addition, ActiveOn's plant-derived exosome extraction, isolation and purification technology enables mass production of stabilized plant-derived exosomes using functionalized beads and microfluidic chips, and centella asiatica, licorice, and peony produced through this technology. ·The Acxosome series, including lactic acid bacteria exosomes, also received great attention from global buyers.


ActiveOn Co., Ltd. plans to participate in 'In-Cosmetics Korea 2024' held at COEX (Samseong-dong, Seoul) from July 24th to 26th, showcasing its main products and holding a technical seminar.


Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, ActiveOn is expanding its investment in R&D to lead global raw materials and materials trends in a market where more sustainable, effective, and well-being-centered beauty solutions are in the spotlight.