Monday, May 20, 2024


A lukewarm tone ‘mute color’ appears.


‘Mute chic makeup’ is strong. Mute chic, a makeup version of geek chic fashion, is popular among MZ. The key to mute chic makeup is to emphasize sophistication in nature.


If you use a mute tone color that is one tone lower than the original tone, a soft look will come to life. Instead of black or brown, mute brown or gray tone liner is suitable. For lips, MLBB tones are appropriate instead of red or pink. A slightly different color change can create a hip atmosphere.


The ‘lukewarm tone makeup’, ‘neutral tone makeup’, and ‘soft daily makeup’ preferred by the MZ generation also started from the mute tone craze.


The beauty industry is introducing makeup products with muted colors one after another in line with the mute chic trend.



Maybelline New York released ‘3D Brow Gel Mascara’ that will lead the mute chic trend. It is a brow mascara that creates eyebrows according to hair color. It comes in three ash tone colors. These include ‘Smoky Ash’, which has a subtle gray color, ‘Toasted Caramel’, a warm brown, and ‘Cream Toffee’, which is a light brown. It is resistant to sweat and water and has excellent durability.


Holika Holika released a soft pink palette. It is ‘My Fave Mood Eye Palette Letter From Spring’. Contains 9 neutral indie pink colors. The soft pink color goes well with all skin tones. It has a variety of formulations, from matte formulations to shimmers and glitters. It is possible to create profound toned down shading makeup with just one palette.


Luna's 'Tone Layer Shading' completes three-dimensional shading makeup. The 3-level shading color gives your face a natural color. ‘Neutral blending’ is a natural color. ‘Cool blending’ is for light skin tones.


An official from Maybelline New York said, “The geek chic craze that started in the fashion industry continued to make-up. Geek chic is a combination of the words ‘geek’, which means eccentric, and ‘chic’, which means sophistication. The point is to use a slim fit shirt, horn-rimmed glasses, etc. to create a natural but different style from others. The mute chic look that started here uses gently toned down colors. “Mute color cosmetics that express a natural and stylish atmosphere are attracting attention,” he said.