Monday, May 20, 2024

New product

Madeca Lip Essence‧Plumper


Dongkook Pharmaceutical launched ‘Madeca Moisture Lip Essence’ and ‘Madeca Lip Plumper’.


‘Madeca Moisture Lip Essence’ provides moisture and nutrition to the lips. TECA and coconut, jojoba seed, and argan kernel oil improve dead skin cells and cracked lips.


The essence gently melts into the temperature of your lips. You can use it as a lip mask by applying it thickly before going to bed. Applying a thin layer before makeup cleanses the surface of the lips.


‘Madeca Lip Plumper’ adds dimension to the lips. Madeca complex and menthol ingredients keep lips healthy and refreshed. It gives a cool feeling to the lips and fills in the gaps between wrinkles. You can create plump and attractive lips.