Monday, May 20, 2024

New product

Peripera Soda Cafe Collection


Peripera presents the refreshing and lively ‘Soda Cafe Collection’.


The Soda Cafe Collection depicts the popular cafe atmosphere in bright colors. It consists of △ Ink Mood Glow Tint △ Clear Custom Cheek △ V Highlighter △ V Shading.


'Ink Mood Glow Tint' consists of three colors: No. 24 Grapefruit Brush, No. 25 Hip-Hop Strawberry, and No. 26 Why Grape. Suitable for use in both cool summer and cool winter tones. If you use the mini melon gloss included in the special set, you will create a refreshing atmosphere as if carbonated beverages have exploded.


‘Clearly colored custom cheeks’ give vitality and brightness. Tone correction is possible by combining detailed colors. Colors combining mint and coral brighten the complexion.


‘V Highlighter’ contains two formulations. You can fine-tune the light intensity. No. 1 Shining On expresses natural and subtle vitality, and No. 2 Clear Flash expresses a neat glow.