Monday, May 20, 2024

Corporate News

AmorePacific, ‘Eoseungsaeng Oreum, Walking in Nature’ exhibition


AmorePacific is holding the ‘Eoseungsaeng Oreum, Walking in Nature’ exhibition at storyA Busan from today (26th) to May 19th (Sunday).


This exhibition is held in collaboration with the Innisfree Collection Foundation. It was prepared to promote the value of Jeju Eoseungsaeng Oreum.


Eoseungsaeng Oreum is the second largest volcano in Jeju at 1,169 meters above sea level. It has a longer history than Hallasan Mountain. It is called the concentration of Jeju's ecosystem because a variety of vegetation is distributed at high altitudes.


The exhibition was planned around the book ‘Eoseungsaeng Oreum, Walking in Nature’. This book was published last year with funds from the Innisfree Collection Foundation's Oreum Research Support Fund. The process of formation of Eoseungsaeng Oreum and the current status of flora and fauna were explained in an easy and fun way. Eoseungsaeng Oreum tells the story of living with Jeju residents.


We have also prepared content to experience Eoseungsaeng Oreum with all five senses. △ ‘Eoseungsaeng’s Spring’ where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Eoseungsaeng Oreum through video △ ‘Explorer’s Desk’ which records the animals, plants, geology and human environment of Eoseungsaeng Oreum in all four seasons △ ‘Oreum Sound Walking’ where you can climb the volcano with ASMR videos ' △ We planned an 'Eco Bag Reformation Experience' space where you can make bags using miniature paintings of animals and plants at Eoseungsaeng Oreum.


This exhibition evokes the relationships between animals and plants, nature and people. It is expected to fill visitors' environmental and ecological sensibilities.


The exhibition can be viewed by anyone for free without reservation from 1 PM to 10 PM every day. Closed on Mondays.