Monday, May 20, 2024

New product

Atopalm Water Gel Mist

Atopalm's 'Water Gel Mist' quickly supplies moisture to children's skin.


This product can be used in two formulations: mist and gel. When sprayed from a distance, fine moisture particles are sprayed like fog. It provides instant moisture to the skin and keeps it moisturized.


You can use it in gel form by shaking the mist and spraying it close to the skin. The high moisture essence spreads smoothly on the skin. Focus on areas that tend to dry out, such as cheeks and forehead.


Betaine ingredient keeps the skin shiny. Hyaluronic acid strengthens the moisture barrier.


Contains soothing ingredients obtained from 6 types of young sprouts and natural sorghum fermentation. It also contains plant-based natural moisturizing factors. The Wary Free formula, which combines these ingredients in the optimal ratio, increases skin defense.


A clinical test was conducted and it was confirmed that when used once, the skin moisture content was improved by 132.1% and the moisture barrier was improved by 22.7%. It has completed skin irritation testing, so even sensitive skin can use it with confidence.


Just apply it whenever you need to replenish moisture after washing your face or showering. It is useful to take with you on summer vacation.