Monday, May 20, 2024

Corporate News

Ponds selected as Kiss of Life Natty model

Unilever's cleansing brand Ponds selected Natty, a member of the girl group Kiss of Life, as its brand model.


Natty attracted attention as she was evaluated as a ‘complete rookie’ right after her debut. She communicates with the public through her charismatic, confident appearance and positive image.


Ponds and Natty filmed an advertisement with the theme of ‘All different makeup, only hypoallergenic cleansing’. It contains the message, 'No matter what makeup you wear, Pond's gently removes it with a hypoallergenic effect.'


Natty attracted attention for her bright and energetic appearance on set. She showed off a 180 degree different look before and after makeup.


Natty said in an interview, “I wear heavy makeup every day because of the broadcast date. Using pond, you can remove makeup gently and gently. “I often use Pond’s products,” he said.


Ponds plans to promote Natty and its hypoallergenic cleansing brand image. We plan to introduce advertisements on YouTube and short-form platforms to become more familiar to Generation Z.


Ponds is a cleansing brand that removes makeup thoroughly. It has been popular for a long time as it is mild and gentle on the skin. The representative product is Lip & Eye Makeup Remover. Last year, the cleansing foam and oil were relaunched.