Monday, May 20, 2024


Sungshin Women's University '10th Beauty Exhibition' Illusion Exhibition


Sungshin Women's University will hold the '10th Exhibition' for a week from May 22nd to 28th. It is in Exhibition Room 4, Building B, on the first basement floor of Sungshin Women’s University’s Mia Unjeong Green Campus in Seoul.


The '10th Exhibition' is co-hosted by the Department of Beauty Industry at the Graduate School of Sungshin Women's University, the Graduate School of Beauty Convergence, and the Korean Society of Cosmetics and Aesthetics.


This exhibition reinterpreted 20th century aesthetics under the theme of 'hallucination'. We propose a new journey to explore the history and aesthetics of art through creative works.


Each work reinterprets 20th century art trends from the perspective of beauty aesthetics. The horizons of art have been expanded by combining beauty and artificial intelligence. A unique world was created by combining the artist's artistic view and AI/artificial intelligence software 'Midjourny'.


This exhibition utilized AI technology to expand the boundaries of modern aesthetics. AI connects the past and present of works of art, providing visitors with a unique perspective and experience.


Furthermore, the exhibition unfolds a horizon of surreal imagination that goes beyond modern aesthetics. AI Beauty is used to show the evolution of art and explore creative horizons.


Artists and audiences interact with the work and exchange insights. Visitors can experience the new paradigm of the beauty industry by experiencing the artist's interpretation in three dimensions.


Sungshin Women's University will hold an exhibition opening event on May 24th at 5:30 p.m. About 70 domestic and foreign guests and undergraduate and graduate students are expected to participate.



The works of the Department of Beauty Industry at Sungshin Women's University exhibited in this exhibition are △ Twinkling Ripples (Song Yeon-jae) △ An internal necessity (Message) △ Conformity and Rebellion (Eom Hee-joo) △ Fantasy (Seol Un-hwa) △ Wildfire (Lee Theater Company) △ Beyond Familiar Frames (Dae-eun Kim) △ A Feast of Fantasy (Young-seo Lee) △ 1925 Golden Art Deco (Regina Kim) △ Self-exploration (Moon-hye Dong) △ Dejavu (Wol-mi Jeong) △ An Illusory Dream (Xiao-fei An).