Monday, May 20, 2024

Corporate News

VT Cosmetics debuts ‘PDRN Niddle Shot’


VT Cosmetics unveiled ‘PDRN Niddle Shot’ for the first time at CJ On Style on April 7.


PDRN Niddle Shot was sold out in this broadcast. This product embodies the principle of ‘Riddle Shot’. It combines PDRN extracted from cica Niddle and wild ginseng to provide radiance to the skin. The absorption rate was increased by making the cica needle 14 times thinner than the pore.


VT Cosmetics said, “Niddle Shot helps you enjoy home care at a reasonable price. Following the Niddle Shot, PDRN Niddle Shot was developed. “We will expand sales by promoting quality to domestic and international consumers,” he said.


This company has applied for a patent for the IPA plasma process applied to Niddle Shot. In collaboration with the University of Tokyo's Production Technology Research Center, we are researching micro-crystals that are more advanced than cica Niddle.