Monday, May 20, 2024

Official discussion on setting the direction for cosmetic regulatory innovation


The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (Director Yoo-kyung Oh, ) held the first workshop of the year of the 'Jump Up K-Cosmetic Council' (Chairman Jae-ho Yeon, hereinafter referred to as the Council) on the 5th, with participants from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, industry, related associations, and related organizations. It was held at the Lotte Hotel (Eulji-ro, Seoul) with about 80 people including institutional experts participating and discussed the setting and measures for regulatory innovation that the cosmetics industry can experience.


The council is a public-private communication channel for establishing policies and improving regulations in the cosmetics industry and has been playing a role at the level of a permanent organization since its founding in June 2022.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the cosmetics industry have worked through a consultative body to △ relax qualification requirements for responsible sales managers △ prepare measures to support exports of cosmetics △ promote international harmonization of pigment testing methods △ operate a cosmetics e-label pilot project, etc. to innovate regulations with a focus on the safety of the cosmetics industry and consumers. has been promoted.


It was confirmed that at the workshop on this day, discussions were held on △ preparing a guide to advertising vegan cosmetics △ preparing a Q&A book on detailed methods for cosmetic packaging packaging △ improving screening standards for functional cosmetics △ and △ ways to revitalize the industry's autonomous self-reflection efforts regarding cosmetics advertising.


At the same time, as many overseas countries and cosmetics-related regulatory agencies, including the United States (Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation (MoCRA) Act) and China (submission of full version of cosmetic safety evaluation data), have recently strengthened regulations by mandating the safety evaluation of cosmetics, △ the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Discussions were also held on what needs to be prepared to apply the relevant regulations domestically and how to specify guidelines and training needed to strengthen the industry's response capabilities.


In 2022, the first year since its launch, the council began operating 4 divisions and 14 tasks (12 participants from 9 companies), and expanded its size last year to operate 1 committee, 5 divisions, and 11 tasks (37 participants from 16 companies). It is operated as a permanent organization for public-private policy communication, including the participation of many people.