Monday, May 20, 2024

New product

APR ‘Booster Pro ×Janmangloopy’ limited edition


APR introduced ‘Medicube AGER Booster Pro × Janmangloopy Pink Edition’.


The beauty device 'Booster Pro' and the MZ generation's popular character 'Janmang Loopy' have met. It is sold for a limited time at Medicube’s official online mall.


This product is designed in pink, symbolizing the Janmangloopy. The Janmangloopy character is applied to the beauty device to create a cute feel. The product package printed a smiling Luffy holding a Booster Pro.


I also made a headcase that resembles Luffy's face. A soft silicone case protects the product.


Booster Pro is equipped with six skin care functions, including radiance, elasticity, and pores. Cumulative sales exceeded 100,000 units in just three months after its launch in October last year.


An APR official said, “We produced a rechargeable version to expand the consumer base of Booster Pro to the MZ generation. “Because it has high collectible value, it is expected to be popular as a gift during May’s Family Month.”