Monday, May 20, 2024

Corporate News

FRUDIA green grape cream loved by American consumers

Welcos (CEO Kim Young-don) introduced ‘Frudia Green Grape Pore Control Cream’ throughout the United States. This is through the beauty box of the beauty fashion magazine Allure.


Allure provides a beauty box to its members. We selected products that have been tested and reviewed by beauty experts. Frudia Green Grape Cream was selected as the best product of the month by Allure. It received high scores in skin moisturization and pore management.


Green Grape Pore Control Cream contains vegan tannin and anti-sebum skin patented ingredients. Keeps pores tight and elastic. The sherbet formulation turns into a liquid the moment it touches the skin, providing a cool sensation.


A Frudia official said, “We introduced green grape cream to 120,000 American consumers through the Allure Beauty Box. We plan to carry out various marketing activities in collaboration with local influencers in the United States. “We will spread the word about the excellence of fruit-derived vegan skin care products.”