Monday, May 20, 2024


@cosme, fostering Glowpick and K-beauty


@Cosme joins hands with Glowpick to grow K-beauty.


Istyle, a Japanese company that operates At Cosme, operates Glow Days and K-beauty training programs.


The company is forming a K-beauty team and supporting the growth of brands that are initially entering Japan. The strategy is to create a success story by introducing a competitive beauty brand to Japan.


The first event is the ‘Japan’s first K-beauty special’ special exhibition. During the month of April, At Cosme will introduce three brands, Narca, Koper, and Odd Type, at stores and apps in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.


Atcosme is an app that allows Japanese consumers to review information before purchasing cosmetics. It has 19 million consumer reviews. It operates 35 stores throughout Japan. At Cosme stores are characterized by analyzing consumer data to select brands.


Kei Sugawara, vice president of iStyle, said, “It is important to accurately promote the brand to Japanese consumers. It is difficult to achieve success through short-term marketing. “We will help K-beauty brands succeed in the Japanese market.”


Gong Jun-sik, CEO of Glowdays, said, “After the pandemic, K-beauty continues to grow rapidly in Japan. @Cosme is a beauty competition center where various brands engage in aggressive marketing. “We will leverage Atcosme’s online and offline infrastructure to lead the mid- to long-term growth of Korean beauty brands,” he said.


Istyle made a strategic investment (SI) in Glow Days in March 2019. Then, in 2023, Glow Days was incorporated as a 100% subsidiary.