Monday, May 20, 2024

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CosmaxBio develops quadruple efficacy caviar extract

CosmaxBio has confirmed that a dietary supplement developed with caviar, one of the world's top three delicacies, has a wide range of skin improvement effects.


CosmaxBio, a health functional food research, development, and production (ODM) company, announced, “We have registered a domestic patent for an anti-inflammatory and skin improvement functional composition containing enzyme-treated caviar powder extract.”


Sturgeon roe caviar is considered one of the world's three greatest delicacies, along with truffles and foie gras (goose liver). It is rich in amino acids, fatty acids, and minerals and is known to have beneficial effects such as skin wound healing and collagen synthesis.


Research on using caviar as a cosmetic ingredient is currently underway. However, CosmaxBio is the first in the world to conduct clinical trials to use caviar as a skin-improving dietary supplement.


CosmaxBio conducted research by receiving fresh raw materials from Almas Caviar, which has the largest caviar farm in Korea. We used beluga caviar, known as premium caviar, as well as gold caviar, which can only be harvested from mutant albino beluga sturgeon. Gold caviar is the most expensive caviar that has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records.


CosmaxBio used enzyme treatment and supercritical extraction to reduce fish odor and enhance active ingredients. Depending on the type, the free amino acid content obtained by decomposing the high molecular protein increased up to 180 times compared to the raw material caviar. Free amino acids are amino acids in a molecular state that are absorbed faster than common amino acids.


As the active ingredients increased, the skin improvement effect also increased significantly. In human application tests, the caviar extract intake group was able to see significant improvements in wrinkles, elasticity, moisturizing, and melanin pigmentation after 4 weeks of intake.


In particular, compared to the group that consumed regular low-molecular-weight collagen peptides, the group that consumed caviar showed an improvement in skin elasticity that was nearly four times greater. Skin moisture loss also decreased by nearly two-fold.


In addition, unlike aloe or low-molecular-weight collagen peptides, the caviar consumption group showed a whitening effect when measuring skin melanin index.


This is also the first time that more than four skin-improving effects have been confirmed in clinical trials using caviar ingredients. Cosmax Bio published these research results in the international academic journal Nutrients.


CosmaxBio plans to introduce products to its customers in various dosage forms such as powder, jelly, and tablets in the future.


An official from CosmaxBio said, “We have confirmed that the enzyme-treated caviar supercritical extract developed from premium raw materials provides innovative help against skin aging,” adding, “The development of this quadruple-effective caviar raw material will contribute to the expansion of the skin functional supplement market.” He expressed his expectations, saying, “It will be.”