Monday, May 20, 2024

New technology

VT announces microneedle technology R&D results


VT announced the results of Riddle Shot R&D using microneedle technology.


VT disclosed the status of microneedle follow-up research at the ‘2nd Microneedle Array Patch’ workshop.


MAP (Microneedle Array Patch) is a transdermal drug delivery (TDDS) technology that delivers active ingredients to the skin. It consists of an array of microneedles smaller than 1 mm, which increases drug absorption.


Microneedle experts from Korea and Japan participated in the MAP workshop. They shared information on drug and vaccine delivery systems through microneedle technology. A method of applying microneedle technology to biosensors was also introduced.


This event was hosted by Kim Beom-jun, director of the Biotechnology Research Center at the University of Tokyo. Professor Kim presented the results of a year-long research conducted with VT. He compared and analyzed the newly developed biodegradable polymer structure and 'Riddle Shot'.


He said, “We are developing micro-crystals that are more advanced than VT’s proprietary ingredient, ‘Cica Lidl.’ A way to effectively deliver active ingredients while reducing pain has been opened. “Microcrystals are highly stable and economical,” he said.


A VT official said, “We organized a workshop by gathering Korean and Japanese researchers who participated in the 7th International Microneedle Conference held in Seattle, USA in May of last year. “By joining hands with the University of Tokyo, we will strengthen microneedle technology research and bring about innovation in the global medical and beauty industries.”


VT Riddle Shot was subdivided from 50 to 1300. The content of active ingredients such as cicani was increased at each stage. Individualized management is possible depending on stimulation and pain.