Monday, May 20, 2024


‘2024 L’Oreal Korea-UNESCO Women Scientist Award’ contest

L'Oréal Korea is inviting candidates for the '2024 L'Oréal Korea-UNESCO Women in Science Award' until Tuesday, April 9.


The ‘L’Oréal Korea-UNESCO Women in Scientist Award’ celebrated its 23rd anniversary this year. This is a system that selects domestic female scientists who have demonstrated excellent academic and research activities.


Candidates for the Female Scientist Award are recruited in two categories: the Academic Promotion Award and the Fellowship.


The Academic Promotion Award is given to talent in the life sciences field with international potential.


The fellowship is open to doctoral students under the age of 45 or female scientists within 5 years of receiving their doctoral degree.


Recruitment fields include △ life sciences (life sciences‧pharmaceuticals) △ engineering (biological engineering‧medical engineering‧agricultural engineering / chemical‧polymer‧materials‧fiber engineering / electrical‧electronic‧information‧computer engineering‧energy/architecture‧civil engineering‧environment). .


One winner of the Academic Promotion Award will receive a plaque and 30 million won in research support. The four fellowship winners will be awarded a plaque and 5 million won in research support.


Applicants for the Female Scientist Award must submit documents by 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 9. You can submit your application, recommendation letter, and supporting materials by email ( Detailed information and application/recommendation forms can be found in the notices on the Women's Life Science and Technology Forum website ( The awards ceremony is scheduled to be held on Friday, June 14th.


This year’s Women Scientist Award is organized by the Women’s Life Science and Technology Forum. It is sponsored by L’Oréal Korea and the Korean National Commission for UNESCO.


L’Oréal Korea said, “Over a period of 22 years since 2002, we have given awards to 95 Korean female scientists. “We plan to discover people who will advance science and raise the status of female scientists,” he said.