Monday, May 13, 2024


LG, lip aging characteristics identified through image analysi


LG Household & Health Care (CEO Jeong-ae Lee) announced that it succeeded in identifying three key changes that appear in the lips as one ages, including shape, wrinkles, and tone, through big data analysis of lip images of Korean women.


LG Household & Health Care reported the results of lip aging research in the January issue of 'Skin Research and Technology', a renowned international academic journal in the field of dermatology. It was published as a paper titled Aging Features in a Large Number of Korean Women.


This is the first study in the world to analyze changes in lip shape and color with age using a deep learning algorithm, and a related patent has also been applied.


LG Household & Health Care R&I (Research & Innovation) Research Institute obtained high-resolution images of the lips of 1,000 Korean women aged 20 to 69 to analyze lip aging. Facial Landmark Detection and pattern recognition technology were applied to these images to analyze changes in lip shape, wrinkles, and tone depending on age.


Through this, the research team discovered that as lip aging progresses, the shape, surface wrinkles, and tone of the lips change, showing three major characteristics.


In other words, as you age, your lips become thinner and flatter, horizontal and vertical wrinkles on the surface of the lips increase, and red and yellow tones decrease, making them less vibrant.


In particular, this study was able to newly confirm that as aging progresses, lip wrinkles change from 'vertical lip wrinkles' with a high proportion of vertical wrinkles to 'lattice-shaped (net-shaped lip wrinkles)' where horizontal and vertical wrinkles intersect.


LG Household & Health Care actively used the results of lip aging research to develop the next-generation functional lip care product 'Lipcerin'.


Lip Serin is a product made by applying the ‘LG Lipcerin Penta Turnover Recovery Complex™’ formula that manages the five major concerns related to lip aging: wrinkles, dead skin cells, shine, elasticity, and moisture. am.


In particular, the Air-fit container developed by LG Household & Health Care is applied to ensure convenience of use and hygiene compared to existing lip balm and lip mask products.


Since October last year, LG Household & Health Care has launched lip serin from major brands such as The Who, Ohui, CNP, Belif, and Glint, and has sold about 430,000 units in 5 months.


Kang Nae-gyu, CTO (Director of Technology Research Institute), said, “Compared to other body parts, lips are known to have a thinner stratum corneum and less melanin pigment that protects the skin from ultraviolet rays, so the aging process is noticeable and early care is needed.” LG Household & Health Care He emphasized, “We will develop professional anti-aging solutions based on research results, such as building an independent archive of skin data of 57,000 East Asians, including Koreans, over a six-year period and provide customer value based on differentiation.”