Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Corporate News

Olive International, sales of 60.8 billion won in 2023

Olive International (CEO Jin-ho Lee) announced that it recorded sales of 60.8 billion won last year. This is a 48% increase compared to 2022 sales of 21 billion won.


This company operates beauty brand ingredient editor, Milk Touch, B Project, Mommy Care, and Sea Moment. It also owns daily necessities brands Kkeot Store and Namu Factory.


Olive International analyzed that its performance improved last year as overseas beauty sales increased.


In particular, the growth of ingredient editors was notable. Ingredient Editor is a basic cosmetics brand that promotes ‘ingredient first’ principles. We offer products made with good ingredients at reasonable prices. After opening Olive Young, it won the All English Awards. It continues to grow overseas through word of mouth.


The Ingredient Editor’s representative product is ‘Green Tomato Pore Ampoule’. 3.2 million units were sold within three years of launch. Olive Young emerged as the number one ampoule, opening the way for exports. Influencers from Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong attracted attention by introducing it as the No. 1 K-beauty ampoule. It achieved first place in sales on Q10 Japan after only 3 months of distribution in Japan. It is about to be launched in H&B stores in Taiwan and Malaysia.


Milk Touch is a brand that solves skin problems. Mascara has become popular in Japan and has become a hot topic. The 'All Day Skin Fit Milky Glow Cushion', which was introduced in October last year, was sold out several times in Japan.


Olive International said, “This year, we are expanding our scope to the Americas and Europe. “We will grow by carrying out aggressive overseas marketing,” he said.