Monday, February 19, 2024

New product

Laka ‘Gelling Nude Gloss’ 4 types


LAKA introduced 4 new colors of ‘Gelling Nude Gloss’. You can find a total of 10 colors, adding 4 to the existing 6 colors.


‘Gelling Nude Gloss’ creates a natural lip color. The jelly-like texture spreads transparently on the lips. It has an excellent light reflection effect and provides rich gloss to the lips.


The new colors include △ 307 Coco Ring △ 308 Rosa Ring △ 309 Heart Ring △ 310 Melba Ring.

'307 Cocoring' combines sweet chocolate and red raspberries to create a mysterious atmosphere. '308 Rosaring' contains the vitality of a rose. '309 Heart Ring' delivers a soft refreshing feeling like sweet strawberry soda. '310 Melbaring' presents a cheerful and sensuous coral atmosphere.