Monday, February 19, 2024

Corporate News

UCL expands eco-friendly packaging with NOTRAC

Replacement of cosmetic plastic containers and paper packs starting in the second quarter

UCL (CEO Ji-won Lee), a cosmetics ODM/OEM company, has entered into a strategic partnership with NOTRAC, an eco-friendly packaging company. Starting in the second quarter of this year, we will begin mass production of eco-friendly packaging and eco-amenities.


UCL introduces NOTRAC’s paper pack technology to cosmetics. We plan to replace cosmetic plastic containers with paper packs and eco-friendly materials. The strategy is to introduce sustainable beauty products by combining UCL's cosmetics manufacturing technology and NOTRAC's paper pack technology.


UCL, along with NOTRAC, will participate in the hotel fair held at COEX Hall D in Samseong-dong, Seoul from the 24th to the 26th. At the event, eco-friendly packaging will be introduced and related products will be showcased.


NOTRAC (CEO Yang Hyeon-cheol) is an eco-friendly company established in 2023. We develop sustainable products with the 3Rs (recycling, reuse, recovery) as our core values.


The company recently succeeded in attracting investment from MY Social Company (MYSC)'s Green Impact Fund. The investment will be used to improve automated mass production facilities and operations. Based on this, the goal is to achieve sales of 100 billion won and operating profit of 30% by 2028.


A UCL official said, “We plan to develop eco-friendly products based on NOTRAC’s innovative paper pack technology and automated production system. Paper packs are being introduced not only for cosmetics, but also for personal hygiene products and hotel amenities. “We will strengthen consumer convenience and hygiene while promoting eco-friendly consumption,” he said.