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Challenge toward becoming a powerhouse of cosmetic raw materials and materials - SOOY-K

Leader in improving the competitiveness of 'K-raw materials' by utilizing natural plant resources,
developing raw materials and materials for local crops such as Jiri Mountain, Jeju Island, and Ulleungdo... world market knocking

SOOY-K (Each-Representative Kyung-hee Kim and Ji-sun Chung), which is conducting research and development activities to discover natural resources that grow naturally in Korea and apply them to all industrial fields, including cosmetics and health functional foods, is 'Search·Serve'. ·Satisfaction’ is used as a catchphrase.


SOOY-K which started as a research and development company specializing in cosmetic raw materials and materials in 2003, contributes to the revitalization of plant resources through discovery and research of domestic natural resources, while also focusing on developing a business model that directly connects them to exports to the global market. Put it.



In addition to its role as a partner for domestic cosmetics manufacturers, it is expanding its scope of activity to a place that can serve as the basis for the development of the entire cosmetics industry, including the trade business sector that supplies quality raw materials from overseas in a timely manner.


◇ Major history of SOOY-K Co., Ltd.
▲ ISO 9001 certification in 2023/Establishment of Jeju branch
▲ RSPO certification in 2022
▲ Establishment of ‘SOOY-K Biolab Co., Ltd.’, a natural products research-based research institute, 
     in 2021
▲ EFfCI/VEGAN certification in 2020
▲ Establishment of a cosmetics raw material manufacturing plant in 2019 
    (Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do, 480 pyeong in size)
▲ Annual sales reached KRW 15 billion in 2018
▲ Established a logistics center in 2017 (Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, 660 pyeong in size) 
    and achieved annual sales of KRW 11 billion.
▲ 2016 Headquarters relocation (Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do) and production plant construction
▲ 2014 Management Innovation Small Business Certification
▲ Establishment of raw material production plant and own research center in 2013 
    (cosmetics R&D)
▲ Establishment of SOOY-K Co., Ltd. in 2003

■ Implementation of ‘one-stop & total service’ from development of natural raw materials to customized manufacturing and delivery


SOOY-K's Logistics Center (Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do), which was completed in 2017 following the establishment and operation of a raw material production plant and a corporate research center, can be said to be the final puzzle piece in building a system from research and development → in-house manufacturing and production → delivery. This simultaneously served as a signal and a lever foreshadowing the business expansion and growth of SOOY-K.


SOOY-K Namwon Plant 1, which began operation in 2019, is a natural products manufacturing facility located within the Cosmetic Support Center in Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do, and is producing raw materials using various extraction methods, including extracts and freeze and spray drying.


In particular, the cosmetics raw material development project using natural biological resources from Jiri Mountain can be considered an outstanding achievement.


△ Business agreement to create new value using forest biological resources (2020) △ First registration of cosmetics raw material (Jirisan Houttuynia cordata extract - SU-1) with domestic place name (Jirisan) on the Chinese cosmetics raw material platform (2022), etc. This is a representative example.


Not stopping here, targeting the latest global trends and the global market, △ EFfCI·VEGAN certification (2020) △ Establishment of 'Suike Biolab', a natural products research-based research institute (2021) △ RSPO certification (2022) And last year's By completing a series of foundational work leading up to ISO 9001 certification, we are ready to take a leap forward.


■ Namwon Factory 1 becomes an advanced base for natural raw material development



The focus of SOOY-K's research and development is on developing raw materials using domestic natural products and targeting the global market through commercialization.


Namwon Factory 1, built for this purpose, is an advanced base for the development and production of raw materials that can meet customer requests, from extracts to freeze-drying, from basic hot water extraction extracts to dry powders in powder form. △ Possessing a variety of production facilities worth 6 billion won △ Mass production with extraction facilities reaching 300 tons per month △ It boasts a level and operating ability that can easily handle the manufacture of special raw materials such as ultrasonic waves and spray drying.


In addition, △ Meeting customer needs by applying various packaging units △ Fermentation △ Vegan fermentation △ Microbiome △ Jointly conducting tests to control the content of raw materials △ One-to-one customer service through recommendation & suggestion raw material system The fact that management services are available is also a competitive advantage that cannot be overlooked.


‘Bespoke’ (customized raw material development) is another point of differentiation promoted by SOOY-K.


Biolab, which is conducting research and development that takes into account efficacy, effectiveness, and harmony, focuses on creating the best combination desired by customers and has an optimization system in place to develop so-called 'customized raw materials' by combining the capabilities of experts in each field.


△ Development of cosmetic raw materials using domestic native plants △ Increase of effective ingredients and realization of hypoallergenicity to the human body using traditional fermentation △ Focus on development of plants specialized for the region (Jiri Mountain, Jeju Island, Ulleungdo, etc.) △ Detection of active ingredients through diversification of raw material extraction methods, etc. Of course, this is proven by the development of a vegetable microbiome that can obtain vegan certification, the development of trendy raw materials such as collagen + α, and the possession of various plant resource research results.



Support for marketing activities to develop these raw materials and materials into business models is also an element that can give the company an edge over competition with other companies.


In other words, by developing features by geography and production process that can be used for marketing and providing them to customers, while also supporting the creation of high added value through mixing and transformation of existing raw materials, it is a foundation for customers to be one step ahead in developing new products that can lead the latest trends. Being able to provide.


In addition, we regularly hold seminars on new raw materials and new materials, and are operating a system to find the 'best and latest raw materials and materials at the moment' and analyze their growth potential, efficacy and effectiveness and deliver them to customers as quickly as possible.



In particular, the 'Hybrid-type Raw Materials and Materials Seminar', which was held consecutively last year and in 2022 (In-Cosmetics Korea), broke away from the marketing and sales format through booth installation and increased intimacy with customers while increasing SOOY-K. It was evaluated as a fresh and creative activity in that it was highly effective in delivering information about new raw materials and materials developed directly to the customer's representative.


Naturally, we cannot help but pay attention to the actions of SOOY-K which claims to be a leader in the development of domestic natural product-based raw materials and materials, this year.