Wednesday, February 14, 2024


“‘2024 Inter cosOEMtech’ leads the K-cosmetic OEM/ODM industry”

Held simultaneously with 'Intercharm Korea and In-Cosmetics Korea' at COEX in Seoul from July 24th to 26th,

stands out as Korea's largest 'one-stop global cosmetics exhibition' from raw materials to finished products.


With more than 32,000 responsible cosmetics distributors and 4,500 manufacturers and distributors, the heyday of the K-cosmetics industry has literally an opportunity to shine once again.


The '2nd K-Cosmetics OEM/ODM Exhibition', where Korea's cosmetics industry can reaffirm its competitiveness in the global market, will be held from July 24th to 26th at the C, D, E Hall exhibition hall in COEX, Seoul.


Last year, 'Inter cosOEMtec', held by Cosmorning with the catchphrase 'K-cosmetics OEM/ODM heading to the world', was held simultaneously with Intercharm Korea during the same period and at the same location to promote domestic cosmetics OEMs. ·The status of the ODM industry has been raised.


In particular, this year, partner companies Lead K Faires Co., Ltd., SeoulMesse Co., Ltd., and In-Cosmetics Korea, which boasts the highest level and largest scale in the raw materials and materials sector in Korea, are scheduled to be held at COEX during the same period. It is expected that the synergy effect will be significant.


Expectations are rising that it will reveal its grandeur as a global-scale total exhibition encompassing the cosmetics and beauty industries, from the cosmetics raw materials and materials industry to the OEM/ODM industry and finished products and brands.


At the same time, the promotional effects, including attracting domestic and foreign buyers, business consultations, and PR for participating companies, have already been confirmed through the first exhibition last year, so further explanation is unnecessary.


K-Cosmetic, which started in the OEM/ODM field, has been developing for over 10 years △ based on excellent quality △ sophisticated and convenient container and packaging design △ products of various formulations △ enjoyment of use with the element of ‘fun’ It has shown off its status as the world's third largest cosmetics exporter by providing products such as


This competitive advantage served as a key factor in not only increasing exports of finished products and brands, but also leading to a flood of requests from major cosmetics buyers around the world for consultations on orders and development targeting domestic OEM/ODM specialized companies.


'2024 Inter cosOEMtech' △ Business matching and consultation to develop emerging global potential markets other than existing major export countries △ Providing expanded one-on-one business meetings by inviting overseas buyers △ Operating a hybrid business matching program that runs both online and offline △ Buyers The plan is to double the participation performance of participating companies through expansion of promotional programs, support for public relations and promotions for participating companies, and operation of recruitment and job search programs.


Kim Rae-soo, CEO of Cosmorning, said, “Since its inception, Cosmorning has not only played a role as a professional media outlet to lead the globalization of K-cosmetics, but has also introduced various types of platforms to make this a reality.” He added, “‘2024 Inter cosOEMtech’ was held last year. “Based on the results, we will present a new OEM/ODM exhibition business through upgraded content and business model proposal,” he emphasized.


Byeong-ho Park, CEO of SeoulMesse, said, “By holding this year’s exhibition at the same time as in-cosmetics Korea, we can expect an unprecedented scale of participation and business results based on participation.” He added, “We can confirm that holding a global-level cosmetics exhibition is possible in Korea as well.” “I am confident that it will be a place,” he added.


Meanwhile, SeoulMesse CEO Park Byeong-ho, the organizer of Intercharm Korea, and Cosmorning CEO Kim Rae-soo held an agreement to jointly host '2024 Inter cosOEMtech' on the 15th and pledged to hold the exhibition successfully.