Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Corporate News

Biotherm Homme joins hands with swimmers Kim Woo-min and Ji Yu-chan


Biotherm Homme filmed an Aqua Power commercial with Asian Games swimming gold medalists Kim Woo-min and Ji Yu-chan.


This advertisement had the theme of CHAMPION OF HYDRATION. It contains the moisture management routine of two athletes preparing for a new challenge in Paris, France. It expresses the moment of taking a bigger leap forward with Biotherm Homme.


The product introduced by Kim Woo-min is ‘Aqua Power Advanced Gel’. Tocopherol, apricot seed, and glycerin ingredients soften rough skin. Strengthens skin barrier, recovery, and defense. It provides moisturizing power for 48 hours and provides a cooling effect.


The product Ji Yu-chan held in his hand was ‘Aqua Power All-in-One’. Provides toner and moisturizer functions. It can be used when quick and reliable moisture care is needed. Peppermint and menthol ingredients keep the skin refreshing.