Thursday, February 15, 2024

Corporate News

Resources of K Beauty signs exclusive partnership with CGETC Inc.



20 years of experience as an American cosmetics distribution expert


Hong Jeong-hoon, CEO of Resources of K Beauty Co., Ltd., is an American cosmetics distribution expert.


While serving as vice president of Christine Valmy Inc, New York, an American cosmetics manufacturing company and the largest official aesthetic education institution in the United States with a 60-year tradition, she developed private label brands and products for large American distributors. conducted.


Based on over 20 years of experience in distribution in the United States, CEO Hong established Resource of K Beauty (ROK) to support Korean cosmetics companies' entry into the U.S. market.


Identity and mission of Resources of K Beauty


Resources of K Beauty Co., Ltd. is a PB (Private Brand) cosmetics development company specializing in large-scale distribution channels in the United States.


Based on over 20 years of practical experience in the United States, known as the ‘land of opportunity,’ we have supported Korean cosmetics companies (manufacturers and brand companies) to transact directly with large American distributors.


We provide advice and consulting on the most basic issues and comprehensive business support services to help Korean cosmetics brands successfully enter large distribution channels in the United States.


In particular, it is a direct vendor of the large American drug store chain ‘Walgreens’ and a private vendor of large American retailers such as △ America’s largest organic specialty supermarket ‘Whole Foods Market’, △ HEB △ Sally Beauty △ ULTA Beauty, etc. It is responsible for the entire process from directly developing label products to distribution and management.


To date, we have developed private label products for over 200 large U.S. distributors and are currently actively producing and selling them across channels across the United States.


Establishment of an integrated consulting service system to respond to MoCRA


Resources of K Beauty Co., Ltd. oversees cosmetics-related practices with large U.S. distributors and supports Korean cosmetics manufacturers and brand companies in entering the U.S. cosmetics market. Based on the experience and know-how gained, MoCRA is scheduled to take effect at the end of 2023. An integrated consulting service system was established to respond.


In order to respond to MoCRA, Resource of K Beauty Co., Ltd. is not limited to simply facility registration and product listing services, but also exports cosmetics to the United States such as △ review and modification of product labels △ review and modification of English detail pages △ ingredient list review and consulting, etc. We operate an integrated consulting service that can review in advance any problems that may arise during the process.


In addition, a large U.S. distribution channel has signed an exclusive contract with a clinical institution in the U.S. that is conducting clinical trials for its products, and carries out the entire process, including application preparation and clinical preparation, on behalf of companies that need local U.S. clinical trials and test results. It also supports high efficiency.


Resource of K Beauty Co., Ltd. has been responding to the MoCRA work of a number of Korean cosmetics manufacturers and brand companies from the second half of last year to the present.


Most recently, the company signed a U.S. agency contract with Company A, a leading global cosmetics manufacturer in Korea, regarding the registration of a U.S. export cosmetics and OTC quasi-drug company, demonstrating its understanding of related tasks and capabilities in the processing process.


Doubled work area and efficiency by signing an exclusive partnership with CGT


Meanwhile, Resources of K Beauty Co., Ltd. signed an ‘exclusive partnership for resolving FDA issues and integrated consulting’ with CGT (CEO David Byun) of the United States in order to complete a faster and more accurate MoCRA-related business response system. did.


Through this, Resource of K Beauty Co., Ltd. not only responds to the MoCRA business of domestic cosmetics manufacturers and brands, but also provides △ US FDA Import Alert/Warning Letter △ integrated one-stop service to resolve FDA issues that may arise in relation to US export customs clearance. can now be provided.


CGITC, which will act as a partner of Resources of K Beauty Co., Ltd., is an American online supply chain management and distribution company established in 2003.


Currently, CGITC operates five logistics warehouses across the United States based on its self-developed logistics efficiency system and is responsible for customs clearance and logistics for all products imported into the United States. CGITC, which holds the qualifications of an officially registered importer of the U.S. government, has recently expanded its coverage beyond the logistics and customs clearance business areas it was previously responsible for, to include responding to FDA issues.


Since the second half of last year, before MoCRA was implemented in earnest, regulations on cosmetics imported into the U.S. have been noticeably strengthened, and in this process, many Korean cosmetics brands have experienced difficulties in normal customs clearance due to receiving Import Alerts and Warning Letters. What has been experienced is already a well-known fact to the companies involved.


David Byun, CEO of CGITC, said, “Ahead of the full implementation of MoCRA, the recent customs clearance procedures for cosmetics imported into the U.S. are becoming very strict, and the requirements are also at a high level that is difficult to compare with the existing ones. The products of Korean cosmetics companies that failed to properly respond to the U.S. policy are being detained or even returned. “CGITC will actively respond to FDA-related issues by establishing a close cooperative relationship with Resources of K Beauty Co., Ltd. and providing services,” he said.


In a situation where a quick and accurate response by Korean companies becomes more important than anything else ahead of the full-scale implementation of MoCRA, the partnership between CGTC and Resources of K Beauty Co., Ltd. will provide savings and efficiency across all sectors, including time and cost, to cosmetics companies exporting to the United States. We hope that it will help us improve.


Regarding this, CEO Hong Jeong-hoon said, “Through cooperation with CGITC, we will not only resolve FDA issues that domestic cosmetics manufacturers and brands will face, but will also actively support them to prevent any problems in the distribution and sales of K-beauty products in the United States.” “He stated, “Early this year, we confirmed information that the U.S. FDA is scheduled to inspect cosmetics, not quasi-drugs. “The most important thing is how domestic cosmetics manufacturers and brands respond from the beginning of MoCRA implementation,” he emphasized.