Tuesday, February 20, 2024


Cosmorning, looking for talent in the beauty industry... Recruitment and job search project begins in earnest

Cooperation with ‘Beyond Career’, a headhunting company, to ensure efficient supply of manpower


Cosmorning, which has been leading the globalization of the beauty industry, has joined hands with headhunting company 'BEYOND CAREER' to launch a talent matching project to efficiently supply and demand manpower in the beauty industry.


As the cosmetics industry and beauty service industry have established themselves as a proper noun called 'K-Beauty' and globalization is rapidly occurring, the territory of the K-View industry is expanding around the world.


In particular, the cosmetics industry has a rapid increase in export destinations and export amount every year, with an industrial scale of 4,613 manufacturers, 32,046 responsible sales companies, and 238 customized cosmetics sales companies (as of January 5, 2024). It is showing.


As the size of the market expands, the number of required human resources and jobs at home and abroad is rapidly increasing, but the imbalance between supply and demand of human resources is severe and management is experiencing great difficulties.


Cosmorning pays attention to the reality of the beauty industry and establishes a cooperation system with Beyond Career, a headhunting company. △ Provides cosmetics companies with the opportunity to hire desired talent at the right time and in the right place, and △ Human resources seeking employment at cosmetics companies. We operate a talent matching and recruiting project so that companies can fully demonstrate their abilities and talents.


For the operation of the recruitment and job search project, which will be in full operation this month, Beyond Curia will carry out the overall headhunting work using the Recruitment > Recruitment and Job Search platform on the initial screen of Cosmoning.com.


■ Recruiting search firm What is Beyond Career?


It is a specialized company that started HR consulting business in 2017 and develops and retains over 250 domestic large corporations, mid-sized companies, startups, and global companies as clients and provides premium career recruiting.


Ten professional consultants boasting the highest level of experience in each field are recruiting excellent talent for various fields and positions, including △IT △Cosmetic △Bio·Medical △General manufacturing company △Media △PR·Marketing.


In particular, since April of last year, we started the 'Foreign Student Employment Project at Domestic Companies' and are currently conducting a recruiting project targeting domestic universities and corporate clients who wish to hire foreign students.


■ What is the Cosmoning-Beyond Career Talent Matching Project?


The recruiting project conducted by Cosmoning and Beyond Career provides three types of talent matching services.


1. Recruiting international students


As the popularity of ‘Korean Wave’, which includes K-beauty, K-pop, K-drama, K-movie, and K-food, is sweeping the world, approximately 180,000 foreign students are currently studying at each university in Korea. Many international students dream of the 'Korean Dream' after graduation and hope to get a job at a domestic company.


Beyond Career is building a database of international students from around the world who have proficiency in their native language (foreign languages, including English) as well as Korean and have a good understanding of Korean culture by graduating from domestic universities.


Through a project with Cosmoning, we have established a system to support the recruitment of talent who can perform various jobs such as marketing, public relations, global sales, research and development, and technical positions for cosmetics and beauty companies.


In particular, it has great utility value as it provides one-stop services from △optimal selection and recommendation of foreign students to △interview arrangement △issuance of work visas that meet the requirements of corporate customers.


When a company requests qualifications such as △job for which they wish to hire talent △candidate's major △preferred country △foreign language skills, etc. through Cosmoning.com's recruitment/job search page, the company recommends the candidate that is closest to these requirements. Executives and human resources managers of each company interested in hiring international students can provide detailed consulting by clicking ‘Apply’ in the relevant section and leaving their contact information.


2. Experienced employee recruitment notice & apply to desired company


The 'open position list' for which domestic and foreign cosmetics companies are currently recruiting is updated in real time. Job seekers can click on the position they are interested in to view a detailed job description (Job Description, JD). If you wish to apply after review, click 'Apply' and leave your contact information, and a Beyond Career professional consultant will begin consultation as soon as possible.


In the case of corporate customers wishing to hire experienced employees, if you send us a job description for the position you wish to hire, we will find and recommend the optimal candidate for your desired position.


If you provide your contact information through 'Apply' in the relevant section, a Beyond Career professional consultant will contact you as soon as possible and provide detailed explanation of the process.


3. Apply for a job


Cosmorning's recruitment/employment page and Beyond Career receive requests from clients to recommend candidates for new open positions, and at the same time perform the task of finding suitable candidates for each position.


If you are interested in changing jobs, please forward your resume along with your desired company and job to Cosmorning Mail and Beyond Career, and they will find the most suitable position for you and make an offer.


In particular, we do not request any fees from job seekers. If you want to find a job you want, click 'Apply' and leave your contact information, and a professional consultant will begin consultation to help you find a match as quickly as possible.


Cosmorning-Beyond Career's talent matching (job openings, job seeking, experienced employees, foreign students) recruiting project is completed through △ modeling of suitable candidates through analysis of job descriptions by professional consultants △ selection of optimal candidates, review of resumes, and prior interviews. One-stop recommendation of one candidate △ Professional response to all screening processes, including document screening and interview schedule management △ One-stop service for all services, including work visa issuance through an in-house visa specialist administrator upon final acceptance (in the case of international students) It operates as a system that completes the process.


We support companies to find top-level talent in the fastest and most efficient way, and provide opportunities to work in the optimal workplace for talented people who want to develop their capabilities, knowledge, and talents at a cosmetics company through 'Cosmorning-Beyond Career'. This will be possible through the ‘talent matching & recruiting project’.