Wednesday, February 14, 2024


OliveYoung, heading to Japan with PB

BioHealbo pop-up store operated at At Cosme Tokyo


OliveYoung will be operating a pop-up store at At Cosme Tokyo in Japan until the 26th. OliveYoung's own brands, Biohealbo, Wakemake, Bringgreen, and Filimili, will be displayed and an experience space will be operated.


At Cosme Tokyo (@cosmeTOKYO) is a beauty select store. It is located in Harajuku with an area of ​​about 400 pyeong. It is operated by Atcosme, a Japanese beauty review platform.


OliveYoung set up a booth at At Cosme Tokyo with the theme of ‘Beauty-Full Christmas’.


Olive Young introduced PB at Lumine, a Japanese shopping mall complex, in 2019. Starting with this, it entered Atcosme, Plaza, and Loft. The product is also sold on Japanese e-commerce platforms Rakuten and Q10 Japan. BioHealbo won the ‘Q10 Awards 2023’ by word of mouth for its excellent quality and reasonable price.


OliveYoung PB's sales in Japan have doubled on average annually over the past three years. From January to November of this year, sales increased 150% in offline distribution in Japan.


The company said, “Japan has a high proportion of offline purchases. Biohealbo and Wakemake are popular in Japanese beauty stores. “We will use pop-up stores as a stepping stone to increase brand awareness and expand our distribution network,” he said.