Thursday, February 15, 2024

Corporate News

Swagger enters Storyway and Lanueva stores


Men's grooming brand Swagger has begun expanding its domestic stores.


Swagger will be available in 200 Storyways, a convenience store directly managed by KORAIL. It will also enter three cosmetics select stores, La Nueva, in Myeong-dong, Seoul.


There are two products sold at Storyway: △ Hair Stunner Wax (Matte) △ Large Capacity Super Hard Spray. These products have maintained their position as popular swagger products for 13 years. Awareness of the product has increased through word of mouth as it is a product favored by influencers.


Swagger presents skincare and hair products at La Nueva, a cosmetics select store. This is a strategy to increase sales by expanding product experience opportunities to domestic and foreign consumers.


Chu Hye-in, CEO of Swagger, said, “Recently, the number of convenience store shoppers has increased. There has even been a new term called ‘pyeonjangjok’, which refers to people who shop at convenience stores rather than large marts or supermarkets. “We will increase the number of items available at our stores so that cosmetics can be easily purchased at convenience stores.”