Wednesday, February 14, 2024

New product

Odid Perfumed Butter Hand Cream Florist Garden


Fragrance brand odiD introduced ‘Perfumed Butter Hand Cream Florist Garden’.


odiD Hand Cream moisturizes and smoothes hands that have become rough due to the cold winter wind. It contains shea butter, cacao seed, sarasu seed, and mango butter. These ingredients provide rich nutrition and moisture to your hands. Sarasu seed butter (salbutter) melts at skin temperature and is absorbed quickly. Leaves a refreshing feeling without being sticky or slippery.


In addition, avocado, walnut, almond, and coconut palm fruit extract and berry complex provide moisture and vitality to the skin. Jeju Gujwa Carrot Water delivers nature’s fresh energy.


This product leaves a lovely, subtle fruity floral scent. The scent lasts for a long time, like spraying perfume.