Friday, February 23, 2024

Corporate News

P&K completes country-specific UV protection testing protocols


P&K Skin Clinical Research Center (representatives Jin-oh Park and Hae-gwang Lee, hereinafter referred to as P&K), a company specializing in human skin application testing, announced that it has established a human application testing protocol that meets national UV protection testing standards.


Currently, UV-blocking functional cosmetics sold domestically are products that have completed human application tests in accordance with the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety's UV-blocking functional test guidelines or the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) test method and have passed the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety's review.


Nevertheless, for products wishing to enter the global market, different guidelines for sunscreen products are applied depending on the country.


In other words, the U.S. FDA is similar to Korea in that it must secure evidence for the SPF index showing effectiveness through tests that block UVB, but it does not adopt testing methods and notation methods that block UVA. We request evidence that it blocks even the UVA region through a testing method called Broad Spectrum.


On the other hand, other countries, including Europe, must adopt the ISO test method as a standard test method and submit supporting data according to the UV protection index. The in vitro UVA blocking test method (ISO24443) and the test methods available in Korea (ISO24444·ISO24442) are also used simultaneously.


P&K has completed preparations for all UV-related testing methods, including FDA testing methods and broad spectrum testing methods, for cosmetics companies planning to enter the U.S. market. The ISO 24443 test method, which can be recognized in Europe and elsewhere, is also available.


A P&K official said, “Recently, many of our customers are preparing to enter the global sun care market in the US and Europe. “P&K has prepared all relevant test methods in anticipation of an increase in the demand for human application testing for UV protection, and will be able to meet all needs for human application testing for UV protection not only domestically but also overseas,” he said, adding, “With the human application testing established over the past 13 years, “Based on our development and know-how, we will support our customers to sell their products in accordance with global trends and regulations,” he added.