Monday, February 19, 2024

Corporate News

UCL, itching improvement functional cosmetics passed the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety review

UCL (CEO Lee Ji-won), a cosmetics ODM/OEM company, passed the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety review for ‘cosmetics that help improve itchiness by restoring the function of the skin barrier’ (functional cosmetics to improve itching).


UCL Research Institute utilized Houttuynia cordata, a clean Jeju resource, and proved the skin improvement effect of products containing fermented Houttuynia cordata extract through human application tests and other research.


The new microorganism used in the fermented Houttuynia cordata extract is Bacillus Coagulans KK7 strain. It was confirmed that the quercetin content of raw materials fermented using this was approximately four times higher than that of regular extracts.


Quercetin is found in fruits, vegetables, and herbal medicine and has a powerful antioxidant effect and helps reduce skin inflammation. It also exerts various physiological activities such as skin nutrition and anti-allergy.


The strain used for fermentation was obtained from the representative K-food kimchi. UCL overcame technical difficulties that had previously been difficult to apply and developed vegan fermentation technology using lactic acid bacteria derived from Jeju kimchi.


This resulted in the patenting of ‘Cosmetic composition containing fermented Houttuynia cordata extract’ (registration number 10-2558753).


An official from UCL Research Institute said, “As in the case of acne-relieving functional cosmetics that passed the previous review, we presented a solution that improves itching and helps skin health in a completely different way from existing methods.” He added, “Houttuynia cordata fermented extract is a type of flavonoid. The high content of quercetin promotes the production of hyaluronic acid and filaggrin, which has a great moisturizing and skin barrier strengthening effect. “Research on restoring skin barrier function is a field that has received the most attention recently, and UCL is developing innovative products for our customers by securing various solutions related to this,” he said.