Thursday, February 22, 2024


Kirin's 'Nine Mila' wins the 2023 Global Brand Award

Kirin Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (CEO Byung-Jun Lee), which is expanding its market dominance centered on functional hair care, won the '2023 Global Brand Award' (Library of National Assembly Auditorium) on the 21st for its signature brand 'NINEMILA'.


Kirin Cosmetics Co., Ltd., which received the honor of this award based on the know-how and technology in research and development in the hair care sector accumulated over 25 years of founding, is particularly proud of △ brand differentiation (content originality, superiority, convenience) △ brand knowledge Recognized for excellence in each field, including intellectual property (domestic and international legal protection such as patent, trademark, service mark, design registration, etc.) △ Brand management (strategy, development, application, performance measurement, and continuous improvement)


Nine Mila, the flagship brand of Kirin Cosmetics Co., Ltd., is working towards the goal of ‘creating miracles with products in 9 categories’ with the meaning of ‘9 miracles’.


Regarding this, Lee Jae-won, head of the marketing team, said, “Beer Hair Loss Shampoo, which has established itself as the best-seller among Nine Mila’s lineup, contains brewer’s yeast extract, which acts on the hair and hair roots to maintain elastic hair and at the same time helps alleviate hair loss symptoms. “It was verified through a hair loss symptom alleviation clinical trial conducted at Korea University and even passed the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety’s functional cosmetics review,” he explained.


In particular, Nine Mila lineup products are being used first by famous domestic beauty YouTubers and then introducing them directly on their broadcasts based on trust in the product’s power.


Team leader Lee also said, “Kirin Cosmetics Research Center plans to focus on consumer-centered product development along with continuous investment in the hair care R&D sector,” adding, “We will continue to invest in hair care R&D, including existing flagship hair products such as shampoo, treatment, essence, and hair dye.” “We will expand our market influence with products based on innovation across various categories,” he emphasized.