Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Corporate News

Sloc x Bala “We make paint from discarded cosmetics”

Unused color cosmetics are reborn with paint.


Social venture Sloc (CEO Kim Ki-hyun) signed a business agreement with upcycling startup Bala (CEO Min Kyeong-seo) on the 17th. The plan is to jointly promote a project to upcycle discarded cosmetics into paint.


Sloc collects discarded color cosmetics and pigments from the beauty market and sends them to BALA. Bala creates these using oil or watercolor paints.


Sloc introduces upcycling paints at ‘Suwon Beauty Festa 2023’. This event will be held at the Suwon Convention Center from the 24th to the 25th. We also hold an event where if you bring unused color cosmetics or pigments to the booth, they will be exchanged for a shampoo bar. You can apply in advance on Slok or the NoWaste website.


Kim Ki-hyun, CEO of Sloc, said, “The paint project is a movement to reuse discarded cosmetics resources. “We expect upcycling to expand across various industries,” he said.


Bala CEO Min Kyeong-seo said, “If we turn discarded cosmetics into paint, we can prevent microplastics and environmental pollutants from flowing into the ocean. “Shiny watercolor paints and soft oil paints provide a unique feeling of use.”


Sloc operates ‘No Waste’, a cosmetics resource recycling platform. NO WASTE is an online space that trades leftover cosmetic raw materials, subsidiary materials, and finished products. About 110 cosmetics companies are active as sales members.


Bala is a startup founded by students at Kangwon National University. Starting in 2022, cosmetics collection boxes will be installed on campus to create upcycled paints. Oil and watercolor paints in 10 colors were developed and verified by experts.