Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Corporate News

Modamoda ‘Zero Gray Black Shampoo’ launched in Olive Young


Modamoda ‘Zero Gray Black Shampoo’ has been launched at Olive Young.


Zero Gray Black Shampoo is a second-generation gray hair management shampoo made with polyphenol ingredients. Provides powerful browning function without THB ingredients. ‘Black Change Complex EX’, a new polyphenol, provides a hair coating effect. It provides various effects such as △ covering gray hair △ scalp care △ recovering damaged hair. It is said that the gray hair coverage effect is superior compared to the first generation shampoo.


This product has completed European CPNP registration. It received an excellent rating from the German Dermattest.


Recently, Modamoda has been expanding its online and offline distribution network. This is in line with the active senior generation and the population in their 30s and 40s. We plan to expand our consumer contact points using Olive Young as a base. In addition to black shampoo, Olive Young sells △ Hair Cover Stick △ Pro Change Blonde Shampoo, etc.


Modamoda will participate in Olive Young's online mall 'Today's Special Price' for one day on the 17th. Introducing the original black shampoo product and a 7-day trial sample set.


Hwang Jin-hyeon, head of Modamoda’s marketing team, said, “The number of consumers taking care of gray hair in their 30s and 40s has increased. “We will widely introduce the second generation gray hair care shampoo that is safe and effective.”