Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Corporate News

Daebong LS proposes innovative raw materials and differentiated solutions

Daebong LS (CEO Park Jin-oh), a company specializing in cosmetic materials and raw materials, has implemented a market expansion strategy with innovative raw materials and differentiated solutions by participating in the global cosmetics raw materials exhibition 'in-cosmetics Asia 2023' (Bangkok, Thailand).


Daebong LS used 'Beyond the Clean & Derma Beauty' as a keyword and introduced a premium clean beauty technology platform and new highly effective derma cosmetic ingredients.


Launched this year, 'Hydro Skin Bond' was introduced at the Innovation Zone, which introduces new, trend-leading ingredients. Unlike existing skin adhesive materials, this raw material is the first bioadhesive that acts as a skin bonding agent by using moisture components derived from skin microwounds. It is effective in recovering skin damage.


Sol-Gel transition occurs at neutral pH, converting to a thin gel layer on the skin. Through this, it forms a moisture film on the skin and exerts adhesion, giving a soft feeling.


Existing products had the disadvantage of taking a long time to recover because they solved the problem by simply coating the damaged skin area to prevent water from contacting it. By solving these problems, Hydro Skin Bond received sample requests and interest from famous overseas brands and manufacturers for the development of more cosmetic formulations. The company also plans to register it as a raw material for medical devices.


Microbiome raw materials, which have emerged as a key trend for strengthening the skin barrier, were also introduced. It is a raw material that strengthens the damaged skin barrier by fermenting the proprietary kimchi-derived vegan Bacillus bacteria for 3 days at low temperature (35 degrees), increasing the quercetin content by 3 times and has a strong moisturizing effect.


By applying the same strain and method as Houttuynia cordata fermented extract (Probiome-Heartleaf), which can be used as a post-Houttuynia cordata material, to up-cycling carrot leaves, we received a positive response by introducing carrot leaf fermented extract (Probiome-Carrotleaf), which has excellent effects on sebum control, etc. received.


In collaboration with P&K Skin Clinical Research Center, we established a joint booth and designed active ingredients and clinical trials incorporating technology that can effectively deliver active ingredients to the skin, presenting a one-stop solution.


An official from the company said, “As this is a global professional exhibition that has been in full swing since the end of the pandemic, over 170 companies from all over the world, including Korea, Southeast Asia, Japan, India, and Europe, visited our booth,” adding, “△ Research and development of cosmetic materials “We will continue to lead the global beauty industry through innovation and change by providing differentiated raw materials and services such as trend analysis, independent technology development, and product planning using big data,” he said.