Monday, November 27, 2023

New product

Manyo Factory Pure Cleansing Oil Deep Clean


Manyo Factory’s ‘Pure Cleansing Oil Deep Clean’ gently removes makeup. Removes even waterproof makeup in one go. It has excellent cleaning power and can easily remove even heavy makeup.


Fine oil melts into pores, eyelashes, and lip wrinkles. It is an all-in-one deep cleansing product that cleanly removes everything from base makeup to point makeup. It comes in a formula as light as water and does not have the frustrating feeling of oil.


Bio Shield Oil, made from fermented sunflower seed oil, penetrates widely and evenly into the skin surface. The moment oil comes in contact with water, it emulsifies. Provides a refreshing and refreshing cleansing effect without double cleansing. Contains plant oils to keep skin moisturized after washing.


Completed testing for use on acne-prone skin (non-comedogenic). Obtained French Eve Vegan certification. Sensitivity testing, primary irritation testing, German derma testing, and eye irritation testing were also completed.