Monday, November 27, 2023

Corporate News

Peachpopo sponsors equestrian team GJ Sport Fairde cosmetics

Peachpopo joins hands with the new equestrian team ‘GJ SPORTPFERDE’ to spread vegan culture.


Olive International's vegan beauty brand Peachpopo provides cosmetics to SPORTPFERDE team players. Sponsored items include vegan certified products that exclude animal ingredients, Cabbage Super Calming 9 Ampoule/Cream, and Line Fit Solution Leg Mask.


SPORTPFERDE players plan to keep their skin healthy with vegan cosmetics. At the same time, we plan to take the lead in animal protection and promote vegan culture.


Lee Geon-ju, CEO of GJ Sport Fairde, said, “Horseback riding is a sport that allows you to communicate with animals. It started with a deep understanding of respect and protection for animals. “We will introduce the joys of a vegan lifestyle to many people.”


A Peachpopo official said, “We are introducing cosmetics that exclude animal ingredients and convey natural health. “We plan to join hands with SPORTPFERDE to launch a sustainable vegan movement,” he said.


‘SPORTPFERDE’ was founded by Lee Geon-ju, a national representative of the Gyeongbuk Equestrian Association. This is to foster youth athletes and popularize the horseback riding industry. This team includes national equestrian obstacle team member Lee Geon-ju, Park Soo-ah, and Choi Jun-woo.