Monday, November 27, 2023

New product

ANOVE launches KakaoTalk gift set

Essence, treatment, goods... limited edition at the end of the year


ANOVE presents a set exclusively for KakaoTalk gifting.


This set contains popular products including △ Silk Oil Essence △ Deep Damage Treatment EX.


Silk Oil Essence is a non-sticky, highly nutritious product. Protein oil makes dry hair shiny. The silk oil essence set consists of the main product and 40ml of Deep Damage Treatment EX Warm Petal scent.


A limited holiday edition was also released. In addition to Silk Oil Essence and Deep Damage Treatment EX, a micro bag will be provided as a gift. The micro bag released in October sold out within a week.


An official from ANOVE said, “The market for non-face-to-face gift giving is growing. We have prepared a set of products optimized for gifting. “We will increase consumer convenience while providing a variety of brand experiences.”