Tuesday, November 28, 2023

New product

Atopalm MLE Cream Snow Edition

Atopalm presents ‘MLE Cream Snow Edition’ in a paper tube. This is a limited release product commemorating the brand’s 23rd anniversary.


'MLE Cream Snow Edition' reduced plastic usage by 58%. Ahead of winter, boxes and tube containers were decorated in the shape of snowflakes. It contains the meaning of keeping children's skin as clean and clear as pure white snow.


Capacity has been increased by 25% compared to existing products. If you purchase from Neo Farm Shop, the official online mall, you will receive an additional sample (20ml).


Atopalm MLE Cream has been certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a ‘functional cosmetic that helps improve skin, including itchiness, by restoring the function of the skin barrier.’ It combines Neopharm's independently developed ceramide ingredient with skin barrier technology MLE®. Delivers rich moisture to dry and sensitive skin. Five types of amino acids keep the skin moisturized.


This product was tested on humans and confirmed nine skin improvement effects. After 4 weeks of using the product, it provides 73.5% relief from skin itchiness, 48-hour long-lasting moisturizing effect, and soothing effects on reddened skin.


It comes in a slightly acidic pH formulation and can be used safely by everyone from newborns to adults with sensitive skin.


An Atopalm official said, “We produced the MLE cream paper tube type with the environment in mind. “We plan to convey the importance and value of environmental protection by carrying out the ‘I Love Green Campaign’, a social contribution activity.”