Monday, November 27, 2023

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When the cold wind blows, use ‘Aquarex Atozal Serazulin Lotion’

Skin clinical testing institute Corederm proves increased skin moisture


The days are cold and the skin is dry. As the daily temperature difference increases, the skin complains of itchiness. An increasing number of people are looking for highly moisturizing cosmetics to strengthen their broken skin barrier.


Aquarex 'Atojal Serazulin Repair Lotion' provides healthy care for rough and sensitive skin. Soothes and nourishes the skin.


Cerazulin complex, a patented ingredient, strengthens the skin barrier. Cerazulin is composed of ceramide, amino acid, and guaiazulene.


Ceramide acts as an adhesive that holds the skin barrier strong. Amino acids produce ceramide in the body and increase skin density. Guaiazulene is an ingredient extracted from chamomile and synechiae. Blocks external stimulation and keeps the skin comfortable.



Corederm, a skin clinical testing institute, proved the product power of ‘Aquarex Atojal Serazulin Repair Lotion’. Clinical tests showed that skin moisture increased by 118% after using the lotion once. After 24 hours, the moisture content was maintained at 84%.


Corederm confirmed the effect of reducing skin moisture loss by 30% after using the product for 4 weeks. Skin moisture content increased by 54%, and skin itchiness decreased by 44%.


In addition, Corederm wrote a functional cosmetics clinical trial report for this product. After reviewing the report, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety approved the product as a functional cosmetic. Atozal Serazulin Repair Lotion is a ‘functional cosmetic that helps improve itchiness by restoring the function of the skin barrier.’


This product can be used widely, from children who scratch their skin due to itchiness during the change of seasons, young people whose skin is irritated by leisure and outdoor activities, adults whose makeup is flaky due to a breakdown in the skin barrier function, and even the elderly with reduced skin physiological functions. It is suitable as a moisturizing cosmetic for the whole family as well as those who need to restore the skin barrier.