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Company Insight-Vietnam's Olin Group signs contracts with five K-beauty premium brands

Preparing to target local Vietnamese consumers through exclusive distribution and strategic partnerships... Foreshadowing a new wave in the cosmetics market

Vietnam's OLIN Group has strengthened its position as the best distribution company in the cosmetics and skin care sector in Vietnam by signing exclusive distribution contracts with three K-beauty brands and strategic distribution contracts with two other premium brands. I'm going.


Quynh Lien Nguyen, CEO of Olin Group's distribution division, visited Korea last August and signed exclusive distribution contracts in Vietnam with K-beauty brands △ CHICRÈME △ BELLE PEAU △ ORAE.


In addition, the company has laid the foundation for enhancing its status in the Vietnamese cosmetics market by concluding strategic distribution contracts with two brands, including △JETE and △CELLTIARA, which are established as premium brands in Korea.


Olin Group said, “Concluding consecutive distribution contracts with Korean K-beauty brands could be an important milestone in the development of the cosmetics and beauty industries in Vietnam and Korea, and we expect this to be an opportunity to expand economic exchanges between the two countries.” 


Activities of President Quynh Lien Nguyen

Quynh Lien Nguyen, CEO of Olin Group's distribution division, visited Korea for three days from August 17th to 19th, and from the first day, she completed the schedule of discussions and contract signing with brands subject to contracts.



An exclusive contract was signed for the ORAE brand and the BELLE PEAU brand, and a strategic distribution agreement was signed with JETE. It contains the intention to enter the market in earnest by segmenting these luxury brands.



After the signing ceremony, CEO Quynh Lien Nguyen visited the 'I'm Lab' beauty salon to experience Korea's cutting-edge technology and new trends in the beauty field, and explored ways to introduce and apply this system to Vietnam. Discussions with officials were also held.


In addition, through a strategic distribution agreement with CELLTIARA, we introduced major products and conducted live broadcasts on SNS targeting Vietnamese customers. In addition, an exclusive contract with the CHICRÈME brand was concluded.


Regarding this, CEO Quynh Lien Nguyen said, “We cannot hide our excitement and pride in becoming a strategic partner with Korea’s top cosmetics brand.” “We will focus on delivering the experience and value of a global brand,” she emphasized.


In particular, we are confident that the quality, creativity, and excellent trend reading that Olin Group is pursuing will bring new innovation and change to the way consumers encounter and experience cosmetics through the collaboration with the CHICRÈME, BELLE PEAU, ORAE, JETE, and CELLTIARA brands. there is.





Summary of brand characteristics signed with Olin Group for distribution

■ CHICRÈME: An ‘effect-oriented’, high-performance cosmetics brand that can give customers confidence. It is expected to create a new wave in the Vietnamese premium cosmetics market with its luxurious, sophisticated and highly effective product.


■ BELLE PEAU: Aims to be a skin and health care brand with a natural cosmetics concept. All products of the BELLE PEAU brand help consumers maintain bright and radiant skin.


■ ORAE: A cosmetics brand that promotes ‘the perfect harmony between science and nature.’ ORAE's product line specializes in functions that bring balance and health to the skin.


■ JETE: A cosmetics brand that emphasizes originality and focuses on in-depth healthcare. It provides a higher level of perspective with a focus on unconventionality for new beauty.


■ CELLTIARA: A brand that emphasizes innovation and leads design ideas with high usability. In particular, in the field of sunscreen (sunscreen), it demonstrates outstanding functionality that is difficult to find in products from other brands.