Monday, November 27, 2023


Asian beauty festival ‘IKBF 2023’

December 5-6, Daejeon Convention Center Exhibition Hall 2,
1,000 athletes from 5 countries including China, Vietnam, and Indonesia participated

Asian beauticians visit Korea in large numbers to learn K-Hairstyle. As K-beauty and hair based on the Korean Wave premium become popular around the world, the beauty of traditional, classic hair is also being revisited. 


The Korea Federation of Beauty Society (Chairman Seonsim Lee) will hold the '2023 International Korean Beauty Festival' for two days on December 5th and 6th. It is located in the exhibition hall on the first floor of Daejeon Convention Center Exhibition Hall 2.


The '2023 International Korean Beauty Festival' (hereinafter referred to as IKBF 2023) consists of △ a beauty contest, △ a work presentation, and △ a hair show.


More than 1,000 athletes from five Asian countries are expected to attend this year's beauty competition. The Korean Beauty Society is discussing the participation of athletes and representatives with major Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.


Lee Seon-sim, the central president, said, “We have worked hard to develop IKBF into an international competition. We plan to take our first step as a global beauty competition this year. “We are at the stage of discussing the participation of players and representatives with China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Macau, and Hong Kong,” he explained.



The domestic division of the beauty contest is held in the general division, student division, and small business division. Overseas athletes can participate in five events with the theme of K-beauty style. The items include △ cut △ upstyle △ winding △ makeup (bridal/fantasy) △ SMP (special scalp makeup).


An opportunity was also set up to teach K-beauty style to overseas players.


Pivot Point Korea holds educational seminars and introduces Korean hair styles and beauty trends. At the Classic Hair Show, Korea's unique traditional beauty will be splendidly recreated.


Jeong Mae-ja, head of the Korea Classic Hair Committee, said, “This is a strategy to showcase a variety of Korean classic hair styles to Asian athletes. We are preparing classic hairstyles and costumes that have been thoroughly researched. “I will let people around the world know that the roots of K-beauty are traditional, classic hair styles,” he said.



The Korean Beauty Society has set the goal of ‘creating a fun and happy competition for members.’ We plan to promote friendship and harmony among hairdressers by expanding large-scale gala shows, national hairdresser singing competitions, and talent shows.


An official from the Korean Beauty Association said, “For the first time in an IKBF competition, we secured a government budget and lowered the booth fee. “Based on the budget raised by Daejeon City, we reduced the booth price by 300,000 won,” he said.


He continued, “We are coordinating so that beauty delegations and athletes from various Asian countries can participate in IKBF. There are many difficulties as a lawsuit to suspend the central president has emerged during a critical period of preparation for an international competition. He emphasized, “It is time for beauty professionals to join forces to elevate IKBF to an international competition in Asia.”