Monday, November 27, 2023


Cosmetic mania, gather at DDP!

‘K-Beauty Pop-up Store’ operated from 21st to 23rd


A beauty festival is held for cosmetic mania. This is an opportunity to try out competitive small and medium-sized beauty cosmetics and then purchase them at a reasonable price. 


The Seoul Metropolitan Government will operate the ‘K-Beauty Pop-up Store’ for three days from the 21st (Thursday) to the 23rd (Sat) at DDP Art Hall Building 1 in Dongdaemun, Seoul.


At the K-Beauty pop-up store, you can experience eight brands from promising small and medium-sized businesses. Participating brands are △ ASEZ (Fine Korea Corporation) △ Chwi (Middle Studio) △ Bobby Melo (Laylow) △ Davida (Cosrium) △ Soybebe (Osse) △ Planet Factory (Square Orange) △ Self Beauty (SB Cosmetics) S) △ Rufume (KOS International), etc.


We also set up a photo zone where you can take a selfie after doing your own makeup with color products. It was divided into a mirror photo zone where you can take 'mirror selfies' and a lighted photo zone for full body photos.


In addition, the pop-up store holds various events such as mission performance events and sampling.


The K-Beauty pop-up store will be opened during ‘2023 Seoul Beauty Week’. Seoul Beauty Week, held from the 21st to the 24th, is a place to share global beauty trends.


Kwon So-hyun, head of the Seoul City Beauty and Fashion Industry Department, said, “We are launching our third pop-up store in Dongdaemun, following the first Seongsu and the second Yeouido (The Hyundai). “We will introduce competitive small and medium-sized beauty products and support them to provide a diverse experience,” he said.