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Cosmomorning, 'solid number one' in terms of influence, including number of visitors from cosmetics media ranking analysis from January 2022 to July 2023… By far the TOP among a total of 8 media outlets

Celebrating its 7th anniversary, Cosmorning is solidifying its status as the No. 1 cosmetic media site. 



Cosmorning was recognized for its media competitiveness by keeping at the top of the national cosmetic media rankings.


This is called the 'zero text era' and 'video era' and has a greater meaning in that it is a result achieved in a situation where the credibility of the media is declining.


Founded on August 15, 2016, Cosmorning pursues professional journalism, upright journalism, and future journalism. This magazine has grown into a professional beauty media by focusing on fair reporting and delivering in-depth information. It is emerging as a global media outlet covering domestic and international beauty news.


Cosmorning worked hard to increase readers' readability, avid reading rate, and revisit rate. This came back with a valuable report card of ranking first on


At the same time as the founding, the greatest influence... After 7 years, we have solidified our stronghold has been providing domestic website ranking and evaluation services since June 2001. Ranked according to the number of visitors to the website. A higher ranking means more visitors.


Cosmorning looked at changes in rankings of cosmetic media sites from January 2022 to July 2023. Eight domestic major cosmetics online and offline media were targeted. As a result of the analysis of media rankings in the last week of each month, Cosmoning maintained the first place from last year to July of this year (excluding one episode in the last week of May this year).


The ranking of Cosmoning in is △ 2,692 (1/25, 2022) △ 2,863 (2/22, 22) △ 2,918 (3/29, 22) △ 3,089 (4/26, 22) △ 2,478 (5/22) 24) △ 2,230(6/28/22) △ 2,560(7/26/22) △ 3,847(8/30/22) △ 2,362(9/27/22) △ 2,035(10/25/22) △ 1,928( 11/29, 22) △ 3,117 (12/27, 22) △ 2,722 (1/24, 23) △ 1,859 (2/28, 23) △ 1,501 (3/28, 23) △ 1,880 (4/25, 23) ) △ 3,324 (5/30/23) △ 2,605 (6/27/23) △ 2,905 (7/25/23) were recorded.


In particular, in November of last year and February to April of this year, the ranking reached the top 1,000, showing high growth.


This is the result of moving away from indiscriminate competition between media outlets and realizing Cosmoning's core values, represented by Jeongron and Jeongpil.


Analyzing issues in the beauty industry from various angles, going one step further, and maintaining a perspective that does not exclude the weak are also the foundation for No. 1 Mercury.


Stand shoulder to shoulder with readers of the ‘Global K-Beauty Platform’

Cosmoning has served as a ‘platform for globalization of the K-beauty industry’ since its launch in 2016.


We have continued to work tirelessly until the 7th anniversary of our founding on August 15, 2023, and have placed the weekly Cosmos Morning and in the top ranks.


The ranking is a report card of Cosmoning's achievements over the past seven years. Cosmoning started as a new media outlet in August 2016 and proudly took the throne, beating out the remaining seven media outlets. It is a valuable fruit that has been recognized by readers for its quantitative and qualitative differentiation.


Cosmoning places readers' right to know as its top priority. Breaking news articles and in-depth reporting were simultaneously strengthened. We select, decompose, and process the issues that are pouring in through the keen eyes of a reporter. Cover the stones and string beads to increase the article value.


Cosmoning is growing in step with K-Beauty, which is armed with creative ideas. This is because we have maintained our founding spirit of becoming a partner rather than a provider of articles, a creative producer rather than a passive dictator, and a global beauty specialized media with an active and future-oriented perspective.


Kim Rae-soo, publisher of Cosmos Morning, said, “Cosmorning, which was launched with the catchphrase ‘professional media leading the beauty industry,’ has maintained first place in the beauty media visitor rankings compiled weekly by since its second year of publication.” “We will pursue the development of the industry with prompt and accurate information and criticism,” he pledged.