Monday, May 20, 2024

Corporate Policy

THE WHOO Cheongidan, newly renovated after 13 years

Start targeting the global market starting from China... Complete renewal of ingredients, design, etc.



'Cheongidan', the representative line of luxury royal cosmetics brand 'The History of WHOO' (hereinafter referred to as 'THE WHOO'), has completed a renewal with a new look and will begin targeting the global market, starting with China, starting next month. THE WHOO Cheongidan is the most popular product in China and was renewed 13 years after its first launch in January 2010.


To globally promote the newly introduced Cheongidan, LG Household & Health Care held the 'THE WHOO Cheongidan Art Fair in Shanghai' event at the Tank Shanghai Art Center, a complex cultural space in Shanghai, China, on the 30th.



It has been about four years since LG Household & Health Care held a large-scale brand promotion event in China since ‘THE WHOO Court Banquet in Shanghai’ in 2019. LG Household & Health Care plans to use this renewal as an opportunity to focus the attention of Chinese customers and seek a turnaround in the beauty business, which has suffered a bit of a downturn due to the impact of COVID-19.


The newly introduced Cheongidan inherits the heritage of the existing THE WHOO Cheongidan. At the same time, we focused on increasing the efficacy and effect of ‘radiance anti-aging’ by applying ‘oriental medicine bioinformatics technology’. It provides brightly glowing skin by intensively managing 12 signs of aging on the outside and inside of the skin.


The key ingredient 'Cheongi Bidan 12α' is a total anti-aging treatment that densely fills the skin, and 'Bio-Herb AI' technology is applied based on a natural product bio-integrated database.


Here, the antioxidant flower 'Golden Gardenia' ingredient was added to maximize the anti-aging effect. Golden Gardenia is said to be excellent for managing oxidative stress that increases due to external harmful factors such as ultraviolet rays and fine dust that cause skin aging.


To achieve a strong radiant glow, 'Pro-Radiance™' ingredient, which helps with anti-aging and radiance management such as skin tone, skin texture, elasticity, soothing, and moisturizing, was also added. Pro-Radiance is a specialized radiance anti-aging ingredient developed based on skin data from over 17,000 Asian women and is effective in improving wrinkles, elasticity, and moisturizing.


Changes were also made to the brand notation. The ‘Whoo’ (后) design, which represents THE WHOO, was retained and ‘The history of 后’ was abbreviated to ‘THE WHOO’ to increase customer sympathy for the brand. Cheongidan renewal products will enter the global market, starting with China in September. In Korea, it will be available at department stores starting in October.


On the first day of the 'THE WHOO Cheongidan Art Fair in Shanghai' event, where Cheongidan renewal products were first unveiled, more than 100 celebrities, including famous Chinese idol singer Fan Chengcheng, local celebrities and influencers (Wang Hong), attended.


This event, under the theme of 'Cheongidan Art Fair', expressed the light pursued by Cheongidan through various forms of art. It was decorated with △ product exhibition △ experience hall △ immersive media art △ interactive experience space.



Media Art, in collaboration with Italian installation and video artist Stefano Fake, presented a unique customer-immersive exhibition that expressed the essence of value and beauty pursued by THE WHOO brand through light and brilliance through a perfect harmony of art and technology.


A representative of THE WHOO brand said, “THE WHOO Cheongidan Art Fair is a place to share with global customers the journey of revealing the secret of light to realize ultimate beauty,” and added, “We will strengthen our marketing activities to expand customer contact points.” The Shanghai event is open to general customers from today (August 31st) to the 3rd of next month.