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‘2023 InterCHARM Korea × Mintel Trend Awards’

Selected 20 award-winning products for technology, value, experience, and sustainability


The '2023 Intercharm Korea × Mintel Trend Awards' will be held for the first time this year. It will be held at COEX C and D Halls in Samseong-dong, Seoul from today (30th) to September 1st. The 'InterCHARM Korea.


It was prepared by Mintel, a global trend research company, in partnership with Intercharm. At this year's awards, hundreds of products from about 400 beauty companies were analyzed.


Mintel selected the winners based on ‘2023 Beauty Personal Care Trend Keywords’. Mintel trend keywords are data analyzed from consumer behavior patterns, consumption methods, and new product database.


The 2023 Mintel Trend Awards used global beauty, personal care and K-beauty trends as indicators. A total of 20 winners were selected in four categories: △ Technology (Beauty RX) △ Value (Total Wellbeing) △ Experience (Engagement) △ Sustainability (Zero waste).


The winning products in the technology category are △ EGFology ‘EGF Program MTS Ampoule’ △ Derma Firm ‘The Peptide Wrinkle Serum’ △ Wellpep ‘For For You Essence Peptide 4 Complex’ △ Botanicsense ‘Ph. D. Ato Reducing Formula Intense Defense All-in-One Lotion' and △ UNB 'CSkin Platinum G9 Solution'.


The winners in the value category are △ RH&B Brands 'Cold Press Avocado Nourishing Scalp Pack' △ Garang Garang 'Peony Lot Moisturizing & Soothing Mask Pack' △ YK Ventures 'Ligros the Scalp Shampoo' △ Page 'Beige Revitalizing' These include ‘Sunscreen CE’ △ Elon ‘Skin Fusion FX’, etc.


The winners in the experience category are △ Audin Futures 'Neogen Dermalogy Extra Volume Curl Metal Mexikara' △ Vunex 'My Skin Pack' △ First Market 'Yellow Cream Patch' △ Shohan 'Cool Menthol Perfume Shower Bar' △ Myeongseong A&T 'One' ‘Flip Travel Kit’, etc.


The winning products in the sustainability category are △ Craver Corporation 'Hyalucica Water Fit Sun Serum' △ KPT 'Dive to Green Pure Bubble Cleanser' △ Plant Base 'AC Clear Magic Cica Cream' △ Tove 'Tove Gun Color Food Series White Wholesome Cleansing Balm' ' △ Lala Beauty Cosmetics 'Yuja Self-Foaming 3in1 Cleanser', etc.


Mintel Trend Award winning products can be found in the Awards Zone within the Intercharm Korea exhibition hall. Cosmoning participates in this event as a media partner. 


Mintel Korea said, “The trend keyword most frequently used by K-beauty brands is Beauty RX. There is a prominent tendency to develop medical cosmetics and market them based on scientific evidence and expert opinions. There are many products that emphasize derma cosmetics with peptides and exosomes. “There is a strong trend of scientifically proving the value of beauty,” he said.