Monday, May 20, 2024


'Culture and Art' theme research support project contest

Suh Kyung-bae (Chairman of the Amorepacific Foundation) will start open recruitment for the 2023 research support project to support academic research activities with the theme of 'culture and art'.



It is a project of the Amorepacific Foundation, which has continued to support research in various fields since 1973 in order to discover and spread excellent research and communicate with the public.


The field of 'culture and art' is a new topic that is being held for the first time. The background of the selection is to practice and solidify the management philosophy of Amorepacific, which provides a culture of beauty. Applicants can select from among the free themes 'Culture and Art: Exchange, Convergence, and Change' and the designated subject 'Beauty in K-Culture'.


Actively encourages research that explores the beauty of Korea's unique cultural and artistic dimensions in various fields and considers the cultural phenomenon of the spread of contemporary Korean Wave content. Through research support, it is also intended to discover and publicize the value of Korea's unique beauty and attractive factors in the global market in the historical trend of the past.


Applications are accepted online through the foundation's website. You can apply from the 14th (Mon) to the 31st of August (Thursday) at 6pm. Candidates with a doctoral degree who have published at least 3 papers in the last 5 years can apply. When selected, a research fund of 10 million won per paper is supported, and the research period is one year. Details regarding application and guidance  can be found on the Amorepacific Foundation website ( ).