Monday, May 20, 2024

New technology

"The fruit of innovation"... Cosmax develops the first quadruple functional cosmetics

Sunscreen with whitening, wrinkle improvement, and skin barrier recovery functions to be commercialized within the year


Cosmax, a global cosmetics research, development, and manufacturing (ODM) company, succeeded in developing quadruple functional cosmetics for the first time in the industry, taking the initiative to innovate the functional cosmetics market.


Cosmax announced on the 31st of last month that it had passed the 4-functional cosmetics screening by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. By adding a 'recovery of skin barrier function to improve itchiness' function to the existing triple function of whitening, wrinkle improvement, and UV protection, it became the first case in which a quadruple function was recognized.


Cosmax said, "We started developing quadruple functional cosmetics to solve the concerns of consumers with weak skin barriers." "The product provides skin barrier recovery and UV protection at the same time. We plan to introduce it to our customers in the second half of this year at the earliest.”



Cosmax applied not only ingredients that help improve the skin barrier, such as △ panthenol and △ ceramide, but also △ cellulose △ hyaluronic acid and △ polyglutamic acid, which have excellent moisturizing effects using its own patented technology, to the quadruple functional cosmetics.


△ Uni-FINE™ △ DUAL FENCE™ was used for the patented UV blocking technology. Uni-FINE™ disperses inorganic sunscreen in a small and uniform way to increase sunscreen and provide light application. DUAL FENCE™ applies sunscreen ingredients to both oil and water phase ingredients to help block UV rays when applied to the skin.


Park Cheon-ho, Vice President of Cosmax R&I Center, said, “We developed a sunscreen with skin barrier improvement function with a focus on providing solutions suitable for various skin concerns.” revealed