Monday, May 20, 2024


KCII of 'capturing future K-beauty customers' has stepped forward!

Operating a PR booth at the Saemangeum Scout Jamboree, where youth from all over the world gather

“Future K-Beauty Customers Meet Youths Around the World”


Korea Cosmetics Industry Research Institute (President Lee Jae-ran· ) held the '2023 Saemangeum 25th World Scout Jamboree' held at the Jamboree site in Saemangeum, Jeollabuk-do from tomorrow (August 1st) to the 12th. ' to open a 'K-beauty promotion booth' and set out to catch future K-beauty potential customers.


World Scout Jamboree, where researchers set up publicity booths, is an event hosted by the World Scout Federation in which youths from all over the world communicate and exchange, transcending differences in race, religion, ideology, and culture. This year's event attracts more than 50,000 youth and leaders from 170 countries around the world.


The researcher said, “K-Beauty is a cultural content with very high export competitiveness and potential among K-cultures that are spreading around the world. In the study of the overseas Hallyu by the Korea International Cultural Exchange Promotion Agency, it ranked first in the proportion of consumption out of 11 cultural contents, and ranked second in each of the brand power index, popularity, and willingness to pay,” he said. At the same time, we plan to secure global potential customers more reliably.”


The researcher plans to operate this Jamboree PR booth focusing on promising small and medium-sized cosmetics brands and products that are currently exhibited at the K-beauty experience and publicity center 'Beauty Play' (located in Myeong-dong, Seoul).


In particular, it is not just a simple product display, but also a variety of diverse and colorful items such as △ skin-customized cosmetics experience reflecting global trends △ K-POP idol makeup demonstration that can be said to be of common interest to young people around the world △ Beauty Play Metaverse where you can experience the K-beauty virtual world. Program planning and execution.


Director Lee Jae-ran said, “At this point in time when export regulations are being strengthened in Korea’s major cosmetic export destination countries and regions, we expect this event to help diversify export markets as well as long-term strategies to secure future potential customers.” granted